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ISB Learns: Parent Education Series

Stories from eLearning

Join ISB's Director of Learning, Stacy Stephens, to hear stories from eLearning. This series of videos feature examples of the learning that has been taking place since campus has been temporarily closed due to Covid-19. You'll hear from students about how they are faring and what they are learning about themselves as an eLearner, and you'll hear from teachers about what's changed in how they deliver their content and also what they've learned during this shift. Check back soon for more episodes! 

eLearning Parent Support Presentations

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Daily Planner

To help you and you child(ren) organize each day's eLearning, we have developed the planners below for both Elementary students and Middle/High students. Download a copy for your own use by clicking the image you require.

Middle/High School Planner

ES Daily Planner

First page of the PDF file: ESPlacemat


First page of the PDF file: ESPlacematChinese

초등학교 생활계획표

First page of the PDF file: ESPlacematKorean
First page of the PDF file: DayPlanner

e-Resources for Parents

Elementary School

e-Resources for Parents

The link provides several articles with support for families; mindfulness activities; and some additional tools to challenge students' thinking and to get them moving. 

Middle/High School

The link provides several articles for both parents and students to help support you during this time.



Check out these family-friendly and free podcasts for children aged 3-12, compiled by our Elementary School Librarians.

Welcome to the World of Podcasts

Capital Library Reading Resources

Click here for instructions on how to set up your own account to access Capital Library's treasure trove of reading online.

Online Resources

Blue Dragon Children's Foundation has created a fun 14-day challenge for students in grades 4 to 8. Click here to view the fun activities, available online.

Blog Posts

The following blog posts, written by our Office of Learning, provide useful tips and resources on a number of subjects:

eLearning Resources

eLearning Exemplars


Screen Time Monitoring and Managing

Brain Breaks



Top Tips for eLearning

First page of the PDF file: StrategiesForConqueringStudentStress
First page of the PDF file: HelpingTeensDealwithStressManagement
First page of the PDF file: ManagingYourTimeEffectivelyDuringOnlineLearning
First page of the PDF file: Tipsresourcestohelpyoulearnremotely
First page of the PDF file: HowToTakeYourStudyAndTest-takingSkillsToTheNextLevel
First page of the PDF file: ScreenTimefromHeadtoToe