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Due to the ongoing situation with the coronavirus, the ISB campus is closed. Teaching will continue through online learning until we are given permission to re-open by the Beijing authorities.

During this time, this section of Dragons' Gate will be updated regularly and contains eLearning information, archive emails, and any further information we can provide to the ISB community.

Please visit this section regularly to check for updates.

Latest Update

ISB students have participated in some great camps with Imagine in recent times.  This summer they are running a number of overnight camps just outside of Beijing.  These are really suited to Upper Elementary and Middle School students.  Check out dates, pricing and further info here:

Where Can I Find More Information on Covid-19?

The World Health Organization is providing the latest information and threat levels around the globe. You can also find the latest information with regards the situation in China on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. This provides a daily press release.

The following links will take you to some articles published by the Office of Foreign Affairs Committee of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee:

  1. How to protect yourself from Covid-19 when going back to work.
  2. Health Management in Beijing.
  3. Shunyi Handbook on Covid-19 Prevention and Control.



World Health Organization (WHO) Advice

First page of the PDF file: 202001_EN1_WHO-handwash
First page of the PDF file: 202001_EN2_WHO-ReduceRiskof-Coronavirus-infection
First page of the PDF file: 202001_EN3_WHO-Protectfrom-getting-sick
First page of the PDF file: 202001_EN4_WHO-handwash-handrub
First page of the PDF file: 202001_CN1_WHO-handwash
First page of the PDF file: 202001_CN2_WHO-ReduceRiskof-Coronavirus-infection_
First page of the PDF file: 202001_CN3_WHO_Food-Safety
First page of the PDF file: 202001_CN4_WHO-handwash-handrub

ISB Archived Emails