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Tedx thumb - Hannah

These new videos of presentations at a TED event by an ISB teacher and students are an inspiration, perfect for any challenging time.

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Students who led a project to electrify the school’s bus fleet have been honored with a top international prize.

Media Mentor Month thumb

Media Mentor Month suggests 31 activities parents can use to engage with their children on what they’re doing online. It’s more important than ever in this period of eLearning.

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Online learning is keeping students’ minds active as coronavirus has led to temporary closure of ISB’s campus, but there are physical risks to sitting at a computer too long. Here are ISB experts’ tips for eLearners staying fit in body and mind.

Lon alumni reunion 2020

School can look to the strength of its community around the world as the coronavirus outbreak has led to the temporary closure of campus.

eLearning challenges thumb

Coronavirus has led to a temporary closure of ISB's campus and period of eLearning. How is the community coping with this unprecedented situation? After the first week of remote classes, here’s what one ISB faculty member and mum has learned and her tips for others.

ASA top 10 chess thumb

New year, new you? A huge range of classes and coaching after school gives ISB students plenty of chance to try hobbies and sports and discover their passions.

TOK thumb

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is a highlight of the IB Diploma Programme followed by the world’s top international schools. An experienced TOK teacher introduces a perfect example of the modern, thought-provoking education provided at ISB.

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Check out some cool radio plays, raps, and beats by the ISB Media club, one of a huge range of co-curricular activities offered by the school.

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Novice musicians at ISB have a better understanding of their art following a challenge to play instruments of their own design. The school will see even more such innovative, interdisciplinary learning with its new design center.

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ISB provides students with lots of chances to learn through service. What better time of year for this?