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As a former ISB student, parent or staff member, you're automatically a member of the ISB Alumni Association – a global network of alumni of all ages and professions. We are fortunate to have so many alumni who continue to support us and wish to contribute to our school community. As alumni, you can help us to remember ISB’s rich history and shape ISB’s future. We value any kind of contribution. Your support to ISB is, in a word, remarkable.

ISB takes pride in its volunteer alumni network. ISB alumni is known for their enthusiasm to give back to and share their experiences with the ISB community. As alumni, whether you want to help connect with your fellow classmates, organize a regional alumni gathering, provide career advice, find alumni of similar interests or speak to ISB students, there are many ways you can choose to volunteer.

Alumni Class Representative

ISB Alumni Class Representative serves as liaison for the alumni group from each class year. The role of the class representative is to connect fellow classmates with ISB alumni associations, maintain an up-to-date contact directory of his/her class and help organize alumni events & reunions. 

ISB’s first graduating class was in 1993. We would like to identify at least one representative for each class year. Below is a list of alumni volunteers who have agreed to serve as the ISB Alumni Class Representative.

1994Constantin Frehsee
1995Leila Akahloun
1998Claire Nelson
1999Jeffrey Cretz
2000C. Elliott Wong
2002Mathias Boyer
2003Sharon Leung
2004Sally Wang
2005Billy Algranti
2006Josephine Kong
2007Gloria Li
Jennytha Raj
2008Esther Kwok
David Hsiao
2009Micheal Monaghan
2011Kevin Li
Rebecca Chen
2013Jiwon Chae
2014Vincent An
2015Rebecca Leu
Angeline Pan
2016Andrew Kim
Edward Chang
2017Samantha Yung
Peter Lim
Annie Li

If you would like to serve this role, or to nominate someone who might be, or to get in touch with our class representatives, please contact the Alumni Office.

Alumni Regional Representative

ISB is known for its diverse alumni community. Our alumni spread over all major cities across the world. The regional representative will support both fellow alumni and current ISB students by acting as a main contact for their city or region. We ask our alumni volunteers in this role to provide advice to ISB current students who are considering studying in a particular city or region, help maintain an active ISB regional alumni database and help organize regional casual or ISB-funded alumni gatherings. 

Below are our current alumni regional representatives. If you would like to serve the role in your region, or to contact your regional representative, please contact the Alumni Office.

Click regions below to join in the regional groups on Facebook

  Continent  Region  Name
  Asia   Hong Kong  Eugenie Chung ('05)
  Lexy Chiu ('11)
  Vikki Leung ('03)
  Stephanie Lok ('11)
  Mainland China  Rebecca Chen ('11)
  South Korea  Mike Park ('99)
  Japan  C. Elliott Wong ('00)
  US  Boston  Benjamin Lin ('02)
  Hirosei Kuruma ('12)
  New York  Kristine Cho ('07)
  Washington D.C.  Ryan Noble ('12)
  Chicago  Tiffany Kwong ('11)
  Los Angeles  Julia Lin ('11)
  San Francisco  Gloria Li ('07)
  Wayne Lin ('07)
  UK   London  Noa Segoly ('03)
  Jennytha Raj ('07)
  Canada  Toronto  Sarah Goddard
  Brazil   Gustavo Driessen ('03)
  Oceania  Australia  Robert Xie ('07)
  New Zealand  Charlotte Darlow ('95)
  Africa   Leila Akahloun ('95)

Alumni Mentor Program

The ISB Alumni Mentor Program is established to connect current ISB students with ISB alumni through a mutually rewarding relationship. The mentorships are built on the spirit of goodwill, mutual trust, respect, appreciation and honesty. Mentors can be contacted for university/college advice, career advice, project guidance, advice on relocating to a new city and other personal development. The program is comprised of volunteer alumni who would like to contribute their time to serve as mentors. ISB students and alumni can all apply as mentee.

How this program works:

  • For Grade 12 students and alumni mentor:
  • For Grade 9-11 students:
    • Mentees complete the the Mentee Information Form to register the mentor program
    • Mentee can select and request the mentor from our database based on preferences
    • The mentee will receive an email with the mentor’s decision
    • If accepted, the mentee is encouraged to make the first contact
    • If declined, the mentee can make a request for another mentor
    • ISB Alumni Office manages the database, however all communication should take place directly between the mentor and the mentee

To help us ensure the program is beneficial to all, we kindly request that mentors and mentees regularly update their progress with Alumni Office e.g. benefits of the scheme; suggestions for areas of improvement.

Mentee Testimonials: 

“I think the program has been good. It's been smooth talking to my mentor and there have been no complications. We mainly talk through Facebook and email. I think I was mainly seeking guidance and I think I have received that. I knew my mentor beforehand and were also studying similar majors.” --Tiger Wang ('16)

“As a whole, the program was fairly helpful. My mentor took out the time to reply to each of my emails extensively, which helped me significantly. We communicated about what it was like to work in the business world and our experiences at ISB, so there was a joined sense of community.” --Edward Chang ('16)

Alumni Shared Interest Groups Representative

ISB encourages and supports alumni to set up Shared Interest Groups. You can set up and manage a special interest group. This is a great way for thousands of alumni across the country and around the world to keep in touch with each other. All Shared Interest Groups are alumni-governed. Alumni submit their request along with a proposal to the Alumni Office. Alumni Office will promote to generate interest among alumni.

Alumni Parent Ambassador

Parent ambassadors will offer advice and help to overseas families who are applying to ISB.

Guest Speaker

Every year we would like to invite our alumni to come back as alumni panel and share their experiences with our students.

If you wish to contribute in any of these ways, please contact our Alumni Coordinator.

Memory Wall

To commemorate ISB's 30th Anniversary, the school formed a committee to oversee the ISB Memory Wall. The wall was funded by the PTA and showcases ISB's unique history and how it evolved into the school it is today. The wall was unveiled in spring of 2011. We are continuing to collect photographs, documents and memorabilia to further tell the story of ISB. We are looking to our alumni to contribute their memories to be showcased for the community. To contribute to the ISB Memory Wall please contact ISB's Alumni Coordinator via

Memory Wall

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