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Volunteer Opportunities

PTA contributes to ISB's continuing growth to become a world leader in international education. We make a difference!

We welcome volunteers throughout the year. No matter where your talents lie, or how much time you have, we invite you to join us.

If you would like to be updated on volunteer opportunities which come up during the year, or have expertise & experience in areas or professions which you think might be useful, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator. Include your name, mobile number, email address, grade level/s of your child/ren, and any areas of expertise. Or fill out the volunteer form and return it to the PTA Store.

Keep an eye on this website for specific information on upcoming events and related volunteer opportunities.

Current Volunteers needed
Opportunity at the ES library and Photographer


1) Volunteer opportunity at the ES library

Several volunteers are needed and trainings will be provided by ES librarians in late October.

Responsibilities include: returning books to the bookshelves, helping students find books, read aloud in your mother tongue, and more.

Languages desired: English, Chinese, or Korean

2) PTA Photographer

Three PTA Photographers are needed and they will take photo in major events in shift.

Please email PTA@isb.bj.edu.cn if you are interested.

Booster Club

Booster Club helps to actively promote school spirit and a sense of community by supporting co-curricular activities (athletics, performing arts, MUN etc.). Plenty of opportunities to help.

Homeroom Parents

Homeroom Parents help your child’s teacher as a liaison between the PTA, teacher and parents of students in your child’s classroom.

International Day

International Day, held during October, is an opportunity for the ISB community to come together and share our respective cultures. Volunteers are needed to design activities and games, and proudly represent their culture at the country booths. We also need help in managing food vendors, creating layout and facility requirements document, and event communications.

PTA Community Events

PTA Community Events take place throughout the year and are opportunities for our school community to get together in a social setting. Volunteers are needed to help to plan and organize.

Event suggestions are welcome!

PTA Store

PTA Store volunteers help out during store hours - 9:30 am to 2:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Regular volunteers work twice a month and substitutes are called upon when needed.

Book Club

Book Club volunteers help process and distribute school-wide book orders, three times per school year.

Library volunteers

Responsibilities include returning books to bookshelves, helping students find books, read aloud in your mother tongue, etc.

Spring Fair

Spring Fair (held in May) is a fun-filled, family-oriented day with carnival games, international foods, shopping bazaar and live entertainment. It is PTA’s biggest event of the year. Volunteers are needed to form sub-committee in areas like food vendors, sponsorship, shop vendors, carnival games, live performance, finance, volunteer coordination, communications, raffle and tombola, facility and layout, student entrepreneurship, etc. On the event day, many more volunteers are needed for games shift duty

Faculty & Staff Appreciation Day and Coaches Appreciation Lunch

Faculty & Staff Appreciation Day volunteers prepare dishes and help serve food during the 3 lunch shifts (2 hour shifts or all day).

PTA Photographer

The PTA photographers take photo in major events.

PTA Executive

PTA Executive leadership positions are voted in May each year. Occasionally, roles become vacant during the school year.

Please email pta@isb.bj.edu.cn if you have any questions.

PTA Office

8149-2345 ext. 2070

PTA Store

8149-2345 ext.2071


9:30am-2:00pm (Monday-Friday)

Dragon's Den



9:30am-2:00pm (Monday-Friday)

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