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Research and Development at ISB

The International School of Beijing seeks to cultivate innovation through the establishment of research and development opportunities within the school community. This is a place at the heart of ISB where faculty, students, staff and visitors can come together to develop and investigate new modes of teaching and learning. Research and Development provides the pathway for new ideas to be realized, with lessons learned being documented along the way. A key function of this model will be to assess the value of new approaches to learning and to share our reflections.

Our Vision

The International School of Beijing aspires to be an adaptive, inspirational, forward-looking learning community, cultivating relationships that ignite each student’s passion for life-long learning. We will nurture the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of each child. We will embrace change, inspire creativity and foster innovation. We will actively promote global understanding and respect within and between cultures. Our community will model integrity and seek opportunities to serve with compassion and conviction.

Current Projects

ISB’s mission includes cultivating inspirational and creative opportunities to develop each student’s unique potential. We nurture confidence and intellectual curiosity through experiential learning and innovative applications of knowledge and skills. These pages provide a background to some of the innovative projects we are exploring.

The R&D Grant is meant to spur on self-initiated, interest-based learning and innovative teaching connected to strategic initiatives and ultimately to spread innovative practice throughout the school. The grant could be:

  • geared toward action research around a specific aim such as improving critical thinking;
  • used for program development such as learning a robotics technologies program, developing a plan for classroom application, and training team members;
  • funding for training, equipment and/or time spent on curriculum planning.


ISB R & D grants are intended to support teachers (individuals or groups) in pursuit of an innovation that achieves one or more of the impacts or initiatives outlined in the ISB Strategic Plan:

Strategic Student Impacts

Each student will:
  • Continually develop his/her intellectual, physical, social and emotional health.
  • Develop intellectual curiosity and demonstrate a personal passion for learning.
  • Confidently and skillfully identify and engage in real world challenges.

Strategic Initiatives

ISB will:
  • unite as a community around our core purpose and future direction
  • optimize school systems that increase flexibility to achieve ISB’s mission and vision
  • facilitate each student’s growth through personalized student-centered learning
  • advocate for and support each students intellectual, physical, social and emotional health in partnership with students and families


Futures Academy

ISB Futures Academy is an innovative learning community designed to empower ISB and its students for a changing global society. It is an educational model that represents ...

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Many educational institutions are embracing the concept of ‘Makerspaces’. These provide a basis for learning through hands-on design. A ‘makerspace’ could be a disused room, a library with additional resources or in the case of ISB, a “collaboratory”.

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Blended Learning

The innovation that we hope to bring to ISB is to help develop a schoolwide understanding of the pedagogy behind effective blended learning environments...

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Futures Public Radios

The project will provide a platform for students to publish their work through a variety of media. Through real-world investigations, students will have the opportunity...

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Gamification in IB Group 3

Both gamification and standards-based grading are frequently listed among best practices in teaching and learning. Applying these methods to upper level high school courses (either IB or AP) would help pilot the expected transition to this practice at ISB.

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Gardening Innovation

The proposal focused on actively involving middle school students by working in and restoring the Greenhouse & Gardening space to become a place of learning, exploration, problem solving and beauty.

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Go Pros in Algebra

Use technology to enhance and extend student learning in Algebra through the use of a Swivl CS and a Go Pro Hero 4.

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Graffiti Wall

MS Art teacher Steve Northcott proposed an ‘Outdoor Action Art Centre’ with the aim of providing students the opportunity to explore various painting methods and media in an untraditional, outdoor learning environment.

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The International School of Beijing’s Strategic Plan IV, third strategic initiative is to “nurture the whole child, including social-emotional, academic and physical well-being”.

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Photographic/Video Studio

The teachers of Visual Art and Design, wish to apply for a grant to create a Photographic and video studio space in room 1632G.

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Precious Plastics

Raising awareness and capacity around sustainable design through the creation of a small-scale plastic recycling center on campus at ISB.

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Creating a STEAM strand in our curricular program at ISB. We want to ensure that all of our students have real-world and relevant experiences in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

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The Great Animal Escape

This book project linked ISB children in both elementary and high school years, to the local community to make learning more authentic and connected to our host country China.

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The World is a Stage

ISB Middle School Drama teacher, Hannah Northcott, developed an instructional video of basic drama exercises. The video was a collaborative ‘project-based learning’ (PBL) experience between middle school drama and high school FILMISM students...

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