ISB Hosts Spectacular 2016 Spring Fair
Posted 05/10/2016 11:06AM

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The 2016 ISB Spring Fair served up a day of family fun on May 7, with thousands of people flocking to the school to enjoy a diverse selection of food, entertainment, and stalls run by dozens of vendors and students.

The ISB Spring Fair is a proud school tradition made possible each year by the efforts of PTA volunteers, who ensure a memorable day for the local community. This year’s Spring Fair lived up to the annual celebration’s reputation for fun and festivities, while also giving local families a window into ISB’s inclusive, respectful community.

“We couldn't have asked for a better day for the 2016 Spring Fair – blue skies and warm weather set the stage for a fantastic day! The PTA extends huge thanks to the organizing committee, hundreds of volunteers – parents, staff and students alike – and generous sponsors that made the event possible. Without this small army, the PTA wouldn't be able to offer this annual event to our own ISB families and surrounding community members,” said Nadine Pettman, PTA 1st Vice President.

Events at the fair included activities and games on the main field, food and beverage stalls in the cafeterias, and a bazaar-like market in the Fitness and Tennis Center where visitors could browse everything from exotic carpets to arts and crafts for kids.

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One of the highlights was the much anticipated raffle draw, which this year featured an extravagant showcase of prizes including the latest tech gadgets, five-star hotel buffet and accommodation vouchers, and two 18-carat gold and diamond necklaces.

Many ISB students look forward to Spring Fair as a welcome opportunity to unwind amid stressful year-end exams and assessments. But for an enterprising group of sixth-graders, the day was also a chance to become entrepreneurs by selling their wares.

“These students spent countless hours leading up to Spring Fair, planning and preparing for their business ventures. And on the day, they scarified their own time to work at their booths. This is a great learning experience and exemplifies ISB's approach and values,” said Cherry Wu, ISB Spring Fair Co-Chair.

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Stella F, Yoobin C, Siena F, and Chelsey W made their debut as Spring Fair vendors selling an impressive range of handmade T-shirts, pillows, and fashion accessories. The sixth-graders ordered their materials from e-commerce website Taobao and trimmed, sewed, and weaved their creations using skills learned from the middle school Hands-On Sewing enrichment.

“Some of our materials only arrived the night before Spring Fair, so we were up late making quite a few items,” said Stella F, who learned to use a sewing machine during the enrichment taught by Krista McGowan.

Stella and her classmates, who learned to iron on their designs to T-shirts by watching a YouTube tutorial, had a steady flow of customers throughout the day. Among their most popular items were bracelets and floral ear cuffs.

“I’m really proud of the initiative they showed,” said Loretta Liu, Stella’s mom. “I’m so grateful there are these kinds of learning opportunities at ISB that nurture our children’s creativity and innovation.”

The ISB Spring Fair is the PTA's biggest event of the year, raising funds to provide valuable resources used to support student and ISB community initiatives in the coming school year.

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