Not just another brick in the wall
Posted 02/14/2019 02:06PM

Appreciation Wall

By William Z, Grade 10 ISB Student

As students at the International School of Beijing (ISB), we are always preoccupied with our school work, extra-curriculars, social lives, and much more. With so many different activities each day, we find ourselves in an endless cycle, where we can quickly become callous and desensitized to our surroundings. We are often not grateful enough for those who work behind the scenes to support us. Because ultimately, we students play only a small role in a complex school system, one strung together by Sodexo workers, administrators, teachers, and many, many more. This is why the High School Student Council's (STUCO) Appreciation Week exists – so we take time out of our busy lives to thank those who support us.

Entering the school year, STUCO held a different vision for Appreciation Week 2019. Instead of Appreciation Week strictly being a STUCO event, it became a school-wide event, thus giving all students a chance to express their gratitude towards the ISB staff.

This sentiment quickly manifested itself in the development of the first "Appreciation Wall." The wall, outside the MS/HS Cafeteria, boasted an interactive display and invited students, through scanning a QR code, to instantly project messages for teachers and staff.

Furthermore, hundreds of appreciation cards and treats were sent throughout High School and were warmly received by ISB staff in all departments. Students also produced a cool video showing gratitude to some of the little-acknowledged but vital people like security guards and secretaries at ISB.

Appreciation Week allows students to fully understand the importance of gratitude. Its mission is for everyone to continually recognize and "appreciate" those around them, not just for one week, month, or year.

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