10 tips for exam success
Posted 05/04/2018 02:35PM

isb high school students studying together for exams

By Nick Yates, ISB Communications

It's crunch time at the International School of Beijing (ISB) as exam season is underway. The High School tests, including grade 12 International Baccalaureate exams, are the culmination of years of learning, and students are busy revising as they aim for results that will set them off towards exciting futures.

Many at ISB find support among their peers, including in the Tutoring Center, a learning community established six years ago for students to help each other with their studies. ISB tutors must complete training that gives them skills in communication, cultural awareness, and critical thinking. We spoke to ISB grade 11 students inside and outside of the Tutoring Center to get their revision tips.

1. Kingston Y, tutors English and math

Find one close friend who has similar classes to you and who you can revise with. This should be someone that you can have fun with but also be serious and on task with. This way, studying for finals will be less stressful and much more enjoyable.

2. Dong Min K, tutors math and chemistry/physics

Set a schedule of what concepts and for what subjects you will study during the days leading up to the exam. That way you don't feel overwhelmed and end up not having enough time to study everything. See if you can figure out which subjects are hardest for you and study those first.

3. Davy Z, Co-leader of the Tutoring Center, tutors math and chemistry/physics

For subjects that are concept- or fact-based, look at the concepts and equations at least once per day for a few minutes. They have a tendency to grow on you during your sleep and you will miraculously remember them without trying.

4. Adam T

Go over all your previous tests in a subject to see how you worded your answers. Sometimes you may lose marks for incorrect wording or definitions, so be sure to brush up on those before the final.

5. Michael M

Set daily goals of what you want to accomplish that day in terms of studying and spend as much time as you have to in order to master those concepts. This way, you are sure that by the end of review you grasp those concepts well.

6. Siqi C

Don't toss aside the review packets that the teacher gives out. Do the problems inside and also look at the list of concepts that will be on the test, and make sure you have mastered each one.

7. Adam T

Try to reserve the last day before an exam to be completely free time. Although there always may be those few concepts you need to get down at the last minute, don't make the day before too stressful.

8. Davy Z, Co-leader of the Tutoring Center, tutors math and chemistry/physics

If you easily become tired or sleepy, schedule in a two-hour (or three- or four-hour) nap in the afternoon to help really boost your energy levels.

9. Siqi C

Eat well! Good food makes you happy and not feel as stressed!

10. Davy Z, Co-leader of the Tutoring Center, tutors math and chemistry/physics

When feeling stressed or overwhelmed, look out the window at nature and do some deep breathing. This always calms me down.

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