10 New Year's Resolutions from Elementary School Students
Posted 01/11/2018 11:20AM

Elementary students at the International School of Beijing (ISB) shared their hopes, dreams, and plans for 2018. For many, the New Year brings to mind new beginnings and the chance to call out their goals for the next twelve months. We joined Kathryn Handy's grade 5 class for a fun and thought-provoking New Year's activity. When Ms. Handy introduced the topic of resolutions to her students, she encouraged the class to enlarge their thinking beyond achieving and getting, to practicing and giving.

“Through this exercise, they are developing not only their understanding that their habits and behaviors directly impact on their goals, but also confidence in independently choosing a path to develop along, as well as mindfulness and compassion toward other people,” said Ms. Handy. 

For those parents who might wish to make resolutions with their family at home, Ms. Handy recommends allowing children to generate their resolutions themselves. "In that way," said Ms. Handy, "They can learn to analyze what's important to them and plan and take genuine ownership of their goals."


1. Andy K.: Leadership

2. Anya P.: Positivity


3. Chelsea C.: Swimming


4. Claire S.: Openness


5. Daryl L.: Be an All-Rounder


6. Gabby T: Smiling


7. Henrik M.: Helpfulness


8. Kiss M.: Maturity


9. Larry K.: Joyfulness


10. Michelle Z.: Thankfulness


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