ISB Students Raise Money for Children with Congenital Heart Disease
Posted 12/12/2017 09:40AM

By Stephanie C. and Kelsey W.


Last school year, the International School of Beijing’s (ISB’s) high school Nightingale Charity Club (NCC) raised a total of RMB 60,000 through fundraisers and other events. So far, this year NCC has raised RMB 16,000 through their October Halloween Event and Winter Fair.


One of ISB’s student-run service clubs, NCC is aimed at helping young children through orphanage visits and fundraisers. NCC is particularly committed to the Lang Fang Orphanage and Roundabout, hosting monthly weekend trips to Lang Fang and doing various fundraising projects to support the annual cases assigned by Roundabout. This semester, NCC has built a strong relationship with Bethel, a local orphanage for visually impaired children, and they plan to donate part of funds raised to Bethel at the end of the school year.


The funds raised last year were donated through Roundabout to fund surgery and treatment for three children from the Xinjiang autonomous region, who were born with congenital heart disease. A large portion of the funds raised this year will also go toward corrective surgery and treatment for congenital heart disease in Xinjiang, where rates of birth defects, specifically heart defects, are very common, mostly due to the lack of correct vitamin supplements for pregnant women.


These three children include a three-year-old girl, Seliman Adili; an eight-year-old boy, Mouhamat Ablet; and a five-year-old boy, Isaidura Amanura. Seliman, whose family’s annual income of RMB 6,000 supports a five-person family, received over RMB 15,000 for surgery on her atrial septal defect. Mouhamat, with the same disease, was funded over RMB 17,000. Isaidura, whose father’s farming yields an annual income of RMB 5,000, received more than RMB 28,000 from NCC for surgery.


This year, NCC continues to work towards raising more funds. Their next major fundraising initiative is their Carboot Sale in the spring of next year. They will also manage three game-booths at ISB’s Spring Fair and are planning many more fundraisers throughout the year. All funds raised this year will aid more children in need of heart surgery in Xinjiang. 

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