Innovative Middle School Back to School Night at ISB
Posted 09/21/2017 03:14PM

International School of Beijing’s (ISB’s) Middle School Back to School Night

The International School of Beijing’s (ISB’s) Middle School Back to School Night, on September 5, followed a fresh and original format. Back to School Nights were held for each of the school’s divisions between August 29 and September 7; providing parents and teachers with a face-to-face opportunity to discuss objectives and desired outcomes for the year ahead.

This year, showing their commitment to innovation and to making learning engaging, middle school faculty opted to deliver their content in a new way. Watch the video, and check out selected teacher presentations (available to ISB community members through Dragons' Gate), to find out more! 



During homeroom sessions at the end of the evening, parents had the opportunity to discuss key topics including syllabus, mentoring, communication, and appointment scheduling with the middle school faculty. 

The evening saw a huge turnout, demonstrating the strong partnership between parents and teachers at ISB. “We greatly appreciate parent participation,” said Middle School Principal, Jon Hill. “Because close alignment between school and home is essential to creating successful outcomes for our students.”



Patrick Hurworth, Head of School; Jon Hill, Middle School Principal

Philippe Kassouf, Guest Speaker; Fred Schafer, Middle School Assistant Principal


Selected Teacher Presentations:

Speaking with Confidence - Barbara Forslund

Pre-Adolescence: Braces and WeChat and Hormones, Oh My! - Bertha Knox

This is Not Your Parents Math - Frank McGowan

Making Magic: The Transformative Power of Drama - Hannah Northcott

Learning Art Learning Life - Jenny Winkelman

Reading Is... - Jim Fidler (we apologize for the poor audio quality in this video)

Promoting Chinese Learning Through Reading - Jing Wu

The World Needs More Designers and Makers - Julie Lemley

Co-Curricular Activities - What's the Point? - Katie Lockett

Putting the Pieces Together: Understanding Integrated Teaching and Learning - Kristin Damberger

PE: The Most Important Subject - Mel Hamada

Futures Public Radio - Shawn Q. 


International School of Beijing’s (ISB’s) Middle School Back to School Night

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