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Our counselors share learning and social strategies to help students meet academic demands and deal with any social pressures they may face. We have such a broad scope of course offerings in the High School that students often seek counselors' advice when selecting their courses. High School counselors also help our students to plan for life after their time at ISB. 

High School students who volunteer as Peer Helpers provide another avenue of support for new students as they settle in at ISB. Peer Helpers contact new students over the summer holidays to welcome them to ISB and answer any questions students may have about life in China and at ISB. Peer Helpers also take new students through orientation sessions to familiarize them with the school and host student-focused events throughout the academic year.


College Counseling

Our counselors support high school students through their education and help them to plan for life after ISB. Our aim is to identify the right college or university, with the courses that will shape, support and refine each student's interests and long-term goals. Our counselors encourage high school students to explore their interests and pursue activities they are passionate about in order to learn more about themselves. They advise students to use this to inform and guide their decisions about further education. Moreover, students who have begun this critical process of self-knowledge will be in a stronger position write an application that conveys their personality, passions and achievements.

While many of our students apply to college in the US, a significant number of ISB students apply to universities in Canada, Australia, South Korea, the UK and other European countries. We are fortunate to host a team of counselors who are very familiar with these disparate admission systems and adept at supporting applications to colleges all around the world.

Our counselors support our families through the entire college application process. The counseling team works with individual students to set goals and define criteria in order to craft a list of colleges and universities best suited to them. They have a library of materials available to students and their families. Our students are given guidance on writing effective application essays and assistance with the editing process. Our counselors speak with families to help them to better understand the admission and financial aid processes and continue to offer advice on standardized testing.


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