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Our Criteria

Priority Enrollment

Prior to being considered for admission to the School, students must file a complete application, including the application fee, and submit all documentation as required by the admission's office.

A qualified student is one who is likely to find success in the School's English language university preparatory program. This determination shall be made by the School through a variety of means, which will include a review of official school transcripts, records, and other evaluative procedures. All such procedures will be transparent and fully explained to the parents of prospective students.

In times of limited space, qualified students will be considered for admission in the following priority:

Siblings of enrolled students who have completed the application process prior to March 15th of the intended year of entry.
Children who are native English speakers.
Children who are English language proficient by determination of the School.
Other applicants in accordance with the School's EAL policy.

Passport and Visa Requirements

International School of Beijing seeks and is able to enroll:

  1. qualified students who hold a foreign passport and have at least one parent holding a foreign passport with the appropriate working visa
  2. qualified students who hold a foreign passport and have both parents as holders of a permanent residency visa/permit in a foreign country
  3. qualified students who hold a permanent residency visa/permit in a foreign country and have both parents as holders of a permanent residency visa/permit in a foreign country.**At least one parent must have employment and reside in Beijing with the student.

In accordance with the new requirements implemented by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission (BMEC) for applicants from China-Hong Kong, China-Macau, and China-Taiwan; one parent and student(s) must be foreign passport holders (including passports of China-Hong Kong, China-Macao, and China-Taiwan). Students and parents from China-Hong Kong, China-Macau, and China-Taiwan must also hold a travel permit (港澳居民来往内地通行证/回乡证, 台胞证), a permanent resident ID card (永久居留证). Additionally, at least one parent must have a working certificate (就业证) issued in Beijing.

A Message to our High School Applicants:

For HS students with a transcript: If enrolled at the onset of the second semester we take into consideration the number of credits reflected on your official transcripts. However, we may not be able to align the same courses you have taken at your previous school.

Our High School program models a U.S. high school program which means that students in Grades 9 through 12 shall work toward earning a specific number of "graduation credits" each year. When applying to ISB, we will take into consideration credits achieved at your current school in planning your credits-to-graduation, note:

  • A passing grade in a year-long course earns one credit.
  • A passing grade in a semester-long course earns a half credit.

Please view the High School Course Guide for information about the number of credits needed for graduation.

An enrollment start date at the beginning of the school year in August or at the beginning of the second semester in January is recommended. We realize families move unexpectedly throughout the year, however; and regardless of your transition time to Beijing, your arrival is anticipated with pleasure.

Please make sure to bring several original sealed transcripts from your school when you arrive. You will need at least one original sealed transcript to finalize your course schedule.

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