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ISB Co-Curricular Program

Our programs help students to grow as individuals, as scholars and as contributing members of the community. Our co-curricular program is part of our curriculum, giving our students the opportunity to explore their passions and experience new activities during After School Activities and our enrichment and service programs. We offer competitive and non-competitive sports, performing arts groups and ensembles, and service opportunities to help prepare students to enjoy and be successful in life. Our activities program seeks to enhance students' leadership and sportsmanship. We encourage students to engage in a variety of activities to foster their desire to learn about and from a variety of disciplines.

The success of our program is dependent upon the creativity, expertise and dedication of our educators, coaches, parents and students. ISB fosters an inclusive environment and is committed to student involvement. You may learn more about our co-curricular activities program in our brochure here: Co-Curricular Program 2017-2018 [1.2MB].

Simon Parker

Simon Parker
Director of Student Activities

Athletic Program

We believe that a strong after-school sports program can, as part of the school’s overall curriculum, help prepare students to be successful in life. ISB teams stress hard work, leadership, camaraderie, sportsmanship and fair play, while promoting and fostering a desire to learn about, and learn from, sports.

  • Our after-school sports program serves students at all grade levels, with elementary school, middle school and high school teams taking part in most events within ISAC, our Beijing/Tianjin international school league.
  • Additionally, our high school teams compete in the ACAMIS, China Cup, and APAC organizations, with travel opportunities for various competitions within Asia.
  • Elementary school students have many exciting intramural sports events, sports related ASA’s as well as the now famous Jedi Juggler and Dribbling Dragons programs. These are complemented by additional opportunities for competition in invitational tournaments within the ISAC organization.

You can find more Performing Arts videos on YouTube.

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Department believes that co-curricular performing groups complement our performing arts curriculum by offering technical skill development, the opportunity to perform in groups and the exploration of styles and genres not covered in curricular classes.

Our co-curricular activities include choirs, dance, jazz bands, string ensembles and theatrical productions (musicals, dramas and one-act plays).

You can find more Performing Arts videos on YouTube and Vimeoimeo.


ISB conducts a wide variety of activities for students once the curricular day has come to an end. ASAs are offered primarily to students in Elementary School and Middle School. A typical ASA will meet for an hour once a week. During the school year there are three ASA sessions, each of which runs for nine weeks.

These activities provide exposure to a variety of areas, and fall into one of five categories: (sample ASA's offered)

  • Performing Arts:
    Music Swap, Grade 2 Choir, Ballet, Guitar, Lantin Dance, Chinese Singing, Hip Hop & jazz
  • Arts and Crafts:
    Sketchbook School, Fun with Clay, Wood crafting, Air Modeling Club, Crystal Flower Making, Studio Express
  • Movement & Games:
    Wushu warriors, Rock climbing, Gymnastics, Tennis, Table Tennis, Karate, Archery, Magic Show, fantastic Chess and Card room, NBA Yao Basketball, Lego, Taekwondo, Rollerblading
  • Life Skills and Service:
    Habitat for Humanity, Roots & Shoots, cooking club, Greenkeepers, healthy snack for children to make & eat
  • Extension of Class:
    MS Chinese Newspaper Club, Spanish & Korean Mother Tongue, Math support, Smart Computing, Science Knights, Chinese book club

Our goal is to provide a balance of offerings within these five categories across various grades. Wushu, robotics, painting and knitting are just some of the engaging ASAs available at ISB.

Clubs & Service Groups

We encourage students to strive for balance in their lives. Along with rigorous academic work, they undertake creative pursuits, physical activities and service projects.

A great service experience should be both challenging and enjoyable, a journey of self-discovery that takes students out of their comfort zones. The spirit of service is important to us at ISB, and for that reason we fully support numerous service groups and actively encourage middle school and high school students to get involved. From environmental groups Roots & Shoots and Greenkeepers to social advocacy groups the Nightingale Charity Club and Pencils of Promise, there is something for every student no matter their passion.

APAC Badminton
April 19-21, 2018
  • mascot BRENT
  • Mascot CA
  • Mascot ISB
  • mascot SAS PD
  • mascot SAS PX
  • mascot WAB
April 12-14, 2018
  • Mascot ISB
  • Mascot NIS
  • Mascot QSIS
  • mascot SCIS
  • mascot UISG
  • mascot WAB

High School Events: Key Dates

China Cup

Season 1 Weekend

September 22-24, 2017
  • Baseball/Tennis @ ISB
  • Rugby @ SASPX
  • Volleyball @ HKIS

Season 2 Weekend

January 19-21, 2018
  • Basketball @HKIS
  • Forensics @ SASPX
  • Swimming/Table Tennis @ ISB

Season 3 Weekend

March 23-25, 2018
  • Badminton @ SASPX
  • Soccer @HKIS
  • Softball @ ISB


Weekend 1 Sports Weekend

October 18-22, 2017
  • Baseball@CISS/SASPD
  • Rugby@HKIS
  • Super Tennis @ WAB/ISB
  • Volleyball @ BRENT
  • X-Country @ AISG

Weekend 1 Performing Arts Weekend

November 15-19, 2017
  • Choir @ SASPX
  • Dance @ BRENT
  • Orchestra @ CA

Weekend 2 Sports Weekend

January 31 - February 4, 2018
  • Basketball @ ISB
  • Foresics @ CISS
  • Swimming @ SASPD
  • Table Tennis @ SASPX

Weekend 2 Performing Arts Weekend

  • Band @ SASPD
  • Theater @ WAB

Season 3 Sports Weekend

  • Badminton @ ISB
  • Boys Soccer @ WAB
  • Girls Soccer @ CA
  • Softball @ BRENT
  • Track @ SASPX

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