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Our Middle School

Our students have the opportunity to pursue their interests and learn in a way that is relevant to them. In the Middle School, many of our core subjects are divided into theme-based units. This allows students to engage with elements that spark their imagination and approach the topic from a unique perspective. In other subjects, students can evaluate their academic performance and choose a learning track that will challenge them at an appropriate level. Our educators work together in small teams to monitor student progress and ensure academic differentiation in accordance with individual student ability.

Our enrichment program enables students to experience new activities and discover their passions. Each quarter, students can choose an interest to pursue or academic group to take part in during their daily enrichment period. All students in the Middle School have the opportunity to be part of a sports team or performing arts group during After-School Activities, which emphasize inclusiveness and teamwork. At the beginning of the academic year, our Middle School students venture off campus to get to know their peer group. These learning experiences are designed for team building; they help students to form strong relationships, build resilience and learn how to work well with one another. Our Student Council plays an active role in the Middle School, bringing the community together to raise funds for charitable organizations and host events.

Middle School Principal at ISB

Jon Hill
Middle School Principal

ISB Futures Academy

ISB Futures Academy (ISBFA) is an educational model designed to inspire creativity, develop problem-solving skills and effective communication, and encourage flexibility and cooperation. The model facilitates learning opportunities and experiences that cultivate these transferable skills and aims to empower students to take ownership of their learning.

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Middle School is a time for transition, and we devote time for students to explore new interests and hone their study skills. Our counselors work with small groups and individual students as they take on more responsibility for their learning and as they negotiate new social situations. Our counseling team works with Middle School students as they take on the responsibility for their school laptops and work on their time-management skills. Our students are supported as they learn how to deal with new challenges and experience social, emotional and physical changes. Our counselors also help parents to understand the developmental stage of their child and how they can best offer support. Our counselors also work with homeroom teachers to develop topics for guided discussions during mentoring periods.

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