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Getting Around Beijing: Key Phrases When Speaking with a Beijing Taxi Driver

taxi in beijing (

Most people have heard that the traffic in Beijing can be a little insane. It’s true. It is. But one of the many perks of living in a city like Beijing is that there are tons of options for getting around that are fast, cheap, comfortable and convenient! As you settle in the city, you will learn how…

Posted by dkriger on Tuesday June 26, 2018
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The Best Playdate Ideas for Young Children in Beijing

isb parents on a playdate

Fun is more fun together! There’s lots to do with young kids in Beijing, from playgrounds to theater to parks to run around in, but newbies will of course have to dig a bit deeper to find groups to enjoy these things with, especially when it comes to the youngest children.

Luckily, thanks to strong …

Posted by dkriger on Sunday June 3, 2018
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