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Your Guide to Grocery Stores in Beijing

Tuan Jie Hu Dinkelong supermarket

Language barriers, unfamiliar brands and products, and therefore limited choice, can make even the simple task of grocery shopping a real headache for expats in China. In Beijing, the variety of supermarkets is impressive, and its suburban superstores can be overwhelmingly large. However, almost all…

Posted by dkriger on Tuesday February 20, 2018
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Your Must-Have Apps when living in Beijing

ISB student using applications on phone

China, while rich in history and tradition, has embraced technology and its conveniences faster than most developed countries in the West. With the tap of an app, you can pay your water bill, buy a new pair of shoes, order a car, and have dinner delivered without getting up off the couch. If you are…

Posted by dkriger on Tuesday February 13, 2018
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