Supporting parents during coronavirus eLearning

eLearning parent support graphic 1

By Nick Yates, ISB Communications

The period of campus closure caused by the coronavirus outbreak has been challenging for all members of the International School of Beijing (ISB) community. ISB parents are accustomed to their children being on campus Monday through Friday, with world-class teachers leading the learning. Now, parents in many cases are taking a more active role guiding their children in online courses provided by the school. ISB is very aware of the impact this has had on parents.

In addition to having its team of counselors available, the school has developed resources on its Dragons’ Gate portal to help parents support their children. These include Elementary and Middle/High School daily planners (like the one below), mindfulness activities, blog posts, and more. The resources are being updated and added to regularly based on feedback ISB is soliciting during the ongoing campus closure from students, parents, and teachers.

ISB will continue to offer the best possible eLearning for as long as the campus closure, enforced by local authorities, goes on. The school is committed to providing high-quality service just as it is in normal circumstances. Communication and support for parents is a big part of that.

eLearning parent support placemat


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