By Nick Yates, ISB Communications

Dragon Times is a new newspaper produced by Grade 4 and 5 members of the Elementary School Newspaper Club at the International School of Beijing (ISB).

From crossword puzzles to Covid-19 news stories to book challenges to reviews of recent ISB arts festivals, read all about it here, or pick up a hard copy of Dragon Times on campus.

The Elementary School Newspaper Club is an after-school activity (ASA) and an early opportunity for aspiring newshounds and editors to get involved in journalism at ISB. In the Middle School, members of the Young Writers Club have recently been published in a special supplement to The New York Times. High School journalists keep the community up to date with news articles like this one in student paper The Break and regular publications like BEIWATCH, which reports on the annual Beijing Model United Nations.

A group of Elementary School students posing with their teacher
The Dragon Times team

In a behind-the-scenes article for Dragon Times, Grade 5’s Johnson C explained how the first edition was put together, and wrote, “It is hard and tiring work, but we don’t mind it since we are making this beautiful newspaper for you guys.”

More and more students will get to contribute to Dragon Times. The first edition has instructions on how students can join the Elementary School Newspaper Club, try out journalism, and see their name in lights.

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