Monday Memory: Student identities revealed in one of earliest ISB photos
Monday Memory where are they now

By Nick Yates, ISB Communications

Right at the start of the International School of Beijing’s (ISB) 40th anniversary year, we launched a search to try to identify these 14 individuals in one of the school’s earliest classes. Lo and behold, right at the end of the year, an alumna has got in touch with some answers!

“I think that was taken when we were in sixth grade, the year of 1988-1989. School was held at the Lido Hotel campus,” said Elizabeth Roberts.

Elizabeth said she is not in the photo herself, but that Nicole Deacon from the U.S. is the girl wearing the light-colored shirt in the top left, and that Allison Berhstock, also from the U.S. is beside her. Peter from Australia is above Allison, and Amy from the U.S. is the girl whose head is visible in the middle of the photo.

According to Elizabeth, American Philip Corcoran is the boy in the gray polo shirt with his hands in his pockets, Alice from Australia is on the far right, and the boy with folded arms in the front of the photo came from Italy, although Elizabeth can’t remember his name.

Elizabeth also forwarded a copy of an autobiographical piece of schoolwork by someone in the class named Alice Carpenter. “I was born in Tasmania on the 14th of September 1977,” it begins. It’s likely this is the same Alice as the one identified by Elizabeth in the photo.

Thanks to Elizabeth for these details!

She told us that she now lives in Portland, Oregon, in the U.S. “I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity I had living abroad at an early age and have since studied, visited, and lived in 18 countries across six continents,” Elizabeth added. “My career has focused on producing culinary and music festivals across cities in the U.S. More recently, I joined an international ed tech non-profit, ISTE, and lead a team on experience initiatives.

“I’ve often wondered what happened to all of my classmates, so I was happy to find an alumni network for ISB.”

This year, ISB has proudly celebrated its 40th anniversary with initiatives including this “Monday Memory” series of articles. There’s still time to join us in marking the anniversary. Check out the Celebrating 40 web page for more details.

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