Meet ISB’s Instructional Partners

Instructional Partner induction 1

By Nick Yates, ISB Communications

Almost 100 experienced and highly qualified Instructional Partners have joined the team at the International School of Beijing (ISB) to ensure high-quality teaching and learning continues despite the practical challenges of Covid-19.

ISB is ready to welcome students back to school after the Summer Break and provide challenging and joyful learning under a new Partnered Instruction model. Teachers who are not able to be in Beijing because of China’s border closure have been assigned an Instructional Partner (IP) on campus. The two members of staff will work closely to deliver face-to-face and online lessons, activities, and projects as ISB provides for both the majority of students set to return to campus and families still outside of China.

The IPs were all personally interviewed by members of ISB’s leadership team to ensure high standards and that they are a good fit for the school and its students. They join ISB in addition to the regular recruitment that swells the ranks of permanent teachers every year at the school.

The IPs have been busy this week with a training and orientation process (pictured) as ISB gets ready for the start of the academic year. “There has been a buzz of anticipation and excitement after our Instructional Partners started two weeks of training on campus,” said High School Principal Lorraine Wicks.

“The Instructional Partners have been eagerly engaged in the sessions and have linked with their ISB partner teacher. We are pleased to work with these educators as they support ISB teachers during this transitional time and help us provide a great education for our students.”

Instructional Partner induction 2

ISB began providing online learning in February. The temporary campus closure sparked by Covid-19 inspired teachers to use a range of cutting-edge methods to continue offering the school’s quality programs remotely. ISB has been collecting regular feedback from parents, students, and teachers on the online learning and adjusting the program accordingly. Over Summer Break, the school established a number of alternative learning models it could use to continue providing challenging and joyful learning opportunities regardless of the scenario.

The Chinese government has now allowed a phased reopening of campus to all students from September 1. Many of ISB’s teachers kept outside of China by global travel restrictions have also been given special permission to return soon.

Informed by all the community feedback, the Partnered Instruction model will allow students to follow a regular schedule with more chances to connect live with teachers. There will be plenty of face-to-face student collaboration and socialization, and students can engage with classroom resources and the school’s world-class facilities while following strict Covid-19 safety protocols.

With these provisions in place and the 93 Instructional Partners raring to go, the ISB community can really look forward to the start of another great year.

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