A diptych of two children holding certificates

By Nick Yates, ISB Communications

Gongxi, or congratulations, to the International School of Beijing (ISB) students who won awards in the first Chinese Language Festival!

Tiffany Q, Kindergarten Dual Language; Alice C, Grade 2 Dual Language; Andrew G, Grade 6; Raymond J, Grade 6; and Joanna Z, Grade 8, were awarded the title of Champion in the international competition, which attracted 3,621 participants from 450 schools in seven regions – Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan; Mainland China; Europe; North America; Oceania; Southeast Asia; Japan and Korea.

As a school, ISB won the Outstanding Participation Award in the Mainland China region. More than 90 ISB students took part, from Elementary School to High School, with 55 of them winning awards in various categories.

The Chinese Language Festival was hosted online by bodies including the Education University of Hong Kong and co-organized by international schools around the world. Students could enter as either native speakers of Chinese or non-native speakers, and there was a range of categories from poetry recital to calligraphy to composition. Entries were anonymous to ensure the judges were assessing them fairly.

Tiffany, Alice, Andrew, Raymond, and Joanna became champions after top-scoring in three competition items within their respective age groups.

A display of Chinese items including a dragon and a drum
A Chinese cultural display at ISB

These talented students’ achievements are evidence of the quality of language teaching at ISB, which runs one of the region’s leading Chinese and dual language programs in an international school. ISB’s Chinese Language and Culture Center was established in 2018 to further strengthen the school’s teaching of Chinese in terms of both language and cultural connections.

“I feel really proud of myself winning the award,” said Andrew. “Thanks to my Chinese teacher for giving me encouragement. From this event, I learned how to make my speeches clear, with appropriate tones. I really like how ISB is supporting our language learning and provides lots of events and activities for us to improve and enjoy learning.”

According to Joanna, the festival strengthened her interest in learning Chinese and deepened her understanding of local culture. “I hope to have more opportunities like this,” she said.

Two children holding certificates

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