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ASA top 10 chess thumb

New year, new you? A huge range of classes and coaching after school gives ISB students plenty of chance to try hobbies and sports and discover their passions.

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Check out these scenes from ISB’s Chinese New Year celebrations, a time when the school’s ties with the local culture are at their tightest.

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Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is a highlight of the IB Diploma Programme followed by the world’s top international schools. An experienced TOK teacher introduces a perfect example of the modern, thought-provoking education provided at ISB.

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Check out some cool radio plays, raps, and beats by the ISB Media club, one of a huge range of co-curricular activities offered by the school.

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Novice musicians at ISB have a better understanding of their art following a challenge to play instruments of their own design. The school will see even more such innovative, interdisciplinary learning with its new design center.

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ISB provides students with lots of chances to learn through service. What better time of year for this?

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Middle School students learned a lot about China and Chinese by researching and making documentaries on the capital, then getting feedback from an experienced TV director. See their work for yourself here.

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It is tradition at ISB to celebrate women’s well-being in October and men’s health in November. Here are 10 highlights of a program aimed at keeping the community in good shape.

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Ever wondered what young children get up to in class? Here’s a look at the science behind learning ABC and how ISB’s data mining helps tailor teaching to students.

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Coaching guru John O’Sullivan founded an organization dedicated to improving the culture of school sports. He was impressed by ISB’s happy young athletes.

Chinese journalism project thumb

High School Chinese teacher Ms. Cheng was looking for a real story for her class to cover in a journalism assignment. A move to regulate restaurant food deliveries to campus provided a main course of learning with a big side order of meaningfulness.

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Two experts explore how important design is in facilitating a productive learning environment, as ISB prepares to give a sneak peek of its forthcoming facilities in Admissions Open Houses.

ES design thumb

Design teaching usually starts in middle schools, but ISB offers it from kindergarten. Here’s why we think it’s good for the youngest learners to be planning and building as they learn their ABC and 123.