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Brian Germain in refugee camp thumb

ISB teachers have traveled the world for professional development this summer to bring the best in global teaching practices back to their classrooms.

Welcome to ISB's new website

ISB students, members of the parent community, and netizens looking for a leading international education for their children will get a clearer picture of our school online.

ISB honors EARCOS Global Citizen

EARCOS is one of many organizations ISB partners with to offer students diverse opportunities to excel and develop character away from the classroom.

ES Production - students dancing

While the actors in the Elementary School Production were ISB’s littlest, the teachers directing them were some of the school’s most longstanding. Two of these veterans discuss the transformative impact performing arts can have for young students.

Spring Fair 2019 water fun

The Parent Teacher Association and Booster Club work to maximize school spirit. A busy seven days began with their successful hosting of another ISB Spring Fair and ended with a lunch in the PTA and Booster Club’s honor.

Step Up Day - students around table

This time of year can be a nervous one for students preparing to make the leap from Elementary to Middle School, or Middle to High School. A new initiative gave grade 5 students a day in Middle School with a grade 6 buddy for an easy start to 2019-2020.

Recycling - bins

Visitors to campus lately will have seen neat new recycling bins in the hallways. They are the work of a new generation of environmental leaders committed to transforming how the ISB community manages its waste.

Swim team

An aquatics program based on competitiveness, community, and all-round health has propelled our pool champs to be the best in the world.