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A group of children and adults passing through an oriental gate and being greeted by a waiting adult

The buzz of day one, new students and staff join the community, campus improvements, sports kick off, and ISB’s fourth Teacher Recruitment Fair.

A group of people in blue uniform shirts sitting under a Chinese pavilion

The campus is looking great, and the teaching team is stronger than ever. Roll on September 1!

A three-part collage of people attending a talk in an auditorium

Science, technology, engineering, and math experts from ISB’s alumni and parent community have captivated students in a new guest speaker series at the school. 

A diptych of two children holding certificates

Five champion language speakers would know that ISB dai biao le shi jie ji de yu yan xiang mu he shuang yu chen jin ke cheng translates as ISB has a world-class Chinese and dual language program.