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Mon Memory Class of 2000 thumb

Former ISB classmates had a reunion for their 20-year graduation anniversary last spring. A memory reel video captures the times they had in Beijing and their successful lives since.

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Thanks to much hard work and contingency planning, ISB continues to support families and provide challenging and joyful learning despite limited campus opening.

Field trips - thumb

Before Winter Break, ISB was allowed to run field trips once more under Covid-19 regulations. Here are 10 exciting off-campus experiences for students.

Mon Memory - GWSO

This latest recap from 40 years of ISB is a slam dunk. Read how a legendary ISB coach started our world-class invitational basketball tournament.

Anniversary logo thumb

Money for transformative learning projects is available from a fund set up for ISB’s 40th anniversary.

Mon Memory - Smile Week thumb

The Middle School Student Council has supported over 60 cleft palate surgeries since 2005 through the annual Smile Week charity drive.

NYT ASA thumb

Middle School writers are working with editors from the esteemed publication in a new after-school club. The young journalists pick up the story…