High School Course Guide 2020-2021

Physical Education & Health
Department Philosophy Statement

The Health and Physical Education program at ISB develops and supports the whole child. Through individual and collaborative activities, students learn skills in a variety of contexts designed to promote the pursuit of social, emotional, and physical well being. Real world and authentic learning occurs in a fun, safe and inclusive environment.


As a Health and Physical Education program, we value

  • engaging activities that incorporate student choice and encourage active participation for all students.
  • teaching the whole child, designing experiences that appeal to a variety of learning styles, and allowing opportunities for self reflection.
  • a balanced curriculum that includes fitness, healthy eating and sportsmanship.
  • modeling a healthy, active lifestyle in all stages of life. We believe that students learn Health and Physical Education best when they
  • are motivated in a fun, safe, and individualized learning environment.
  • feel comfortable enough to take risks and try new activities.
  • are supported with positive feedback on their efforts and improvement.
  • are exposed to a variety of sports and exercise activities in order to make choices about which ones might appeal to them as a participant.
  • understand why they are learning about Physical Education and how it can help them outside of the classroom