High School Course Guide 2020-2021


The Film Art and Design program at ISB is designed to take each student on a journey of exploration of materials and ideas. When students learn about and explore art making practices, using both traditional and contemporary tools, they develop the abilities necessary for self-expression and determination in the technology driven 21st century culture. They discover the joy and pride of being authentically creative and are initiated into a variety of ways of perceiving and contemplating the world around them. They come to realize the mental discipline required to bring to fruition their ideas while utilizing complex forms of problem solving.

As a Visual Arts program, we value:

  • The creative potential of each student
  • The process of self-discovery · Students as independent learners
  • Authentic tasks · Communication of ideas
  • Developing a fluency in the language of the Visual Arts
  • The ability for the Visual Arts to reinforce and supplement learning in other disciplines
  • The opportunity to dialogue with varying cultures

We believe that students learn the Visual Arts best when they:

  • Have an opportunity to recognize, analyze, or critique their own work or the work of others
  • Are able to pursue personal interests · Exhibit and participate in installations, exhibitions or event-based performance of selected work

* Develop an excitement and exhilaration of the learning process

As a Design and Educational Technology program, we work with our community to empower learners through the collaborative design of transformative, authentic educational experiences that leverage contemporary tools, practices and spaces.

We value:

  • innovative application of transferrable knowledge and skills: the act of creating
  • digital citizenship (and literacy): conscious decisions around the impact of tech decisions
  • design thinking
  • purposeful connections with our community

We believe students learn best when:

  • they are given authentic, meaningful tasks that make an impact
  • they have agency in determining what they learn, how they learn it, and/or how they share what they have learned
  • they can develop and apply a wide range of technical skills
  • they can reflect on and share the process and product of their learning