High School Course Guide 2019-2020

Online Learning

In an ongoing effort to offer as wide as possible a range of courses to our students and expand individualized learning opportunities, ISB offers online courses delivered by the following providers:

  • Global Online Academy
  • The Virtual High School
  • Pamoja Education

Our online learning opportunities are available to all students in grades 10-12 (unless otherwise noted) with the following provisions:

  • Participation requires ISB counselor approval.
  • Students may take only a single online course per semester.
  • Only courses not provided by ISB will be available to students.
  • IB Diploma students can only take IB online courses.
  • AP, IB courses are only available to students in grades 11 & 12.
  • All courses (with the exception of IB and AP courses) receive elective credit, with special exceptions granted by the high school counselors and principal.

Profile for success: Students who participate in an online course must exhibit a high degree of personal responsibility, meeting assignment deadlines and contacting their online teacher when assistance is needed. They need to be self-disciplined and motivated to succeed in the course. They should have strong reading and writing skills, good problem-solving ability, and at least basic computer ability. Organizational and time management skills are especially important for success online, and students need to allocate appropriate time to complete course work; the ISB schedule will include one block designated for study in this course. Interacting with other members of the online course is an integral part of the experience, and students should be prepared to engage with their teacher and classmates on a timely and frequent basis.

Click here for an online pre-enrollment questionnaire and rationale

We recognize that independent, online learning is different from a traditional classroom-based course and may present students with unexpected obstacles. So for any student taking an online course for the first time there will be a "grace period" up to the end of the first quarter of the course. During that grace period, a student may withdraw from the online course without it being noted on their transcript. For students who already have experience of online learning at ISB, the usual add/drop guidelines and time lines (5 school days after course begins) will apply. To support students in their online learning, an ISB Site Based Coordinator serves as liaison between the student, the online teacher, the parents and the student's counselor.

Global Online Academy

Global Online Academy (GOA) is a not-for-profit consortium of 70+ independent schools from around the world. Started by a group of independent schools looking to bring the benefits of online learning to their teachers and students, Global Online Academy prepares students for a global future by providing new, modern ways for students to learn and teachers to teach.

By being a member, ISB offers an extensive range of online courses and therefore provides further opportunity for our high school students to personalize their education.

Visit the GOA Course guide for information about the courses offered.

  • These courses are open to ISB students in grades 10-12
  • Students may elect to take GOA courses for a grade or pass/fail. The deadline to make this decision is by the end of the initial quarter of the course.
  • GOA semesters are 14 weeks long.

To find out more, click below:

GOA's Mission    Benefit Pillars    School Profile