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The ISB campus may be closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, but as a community we continue to challenge ourselves and set high expectations together through our Online Learning program. Members of our community have been maintaining strong relationships through online learning since early February and this page shares some of the resources being used, questions being asked, and stories of success from this unprecedented time.

Parent Education Series

Campus may be closed, but we've taken our parent education series online too! Hear from our experts in the Office of Learning and learn some tips to help your child with Online Learning. Check back regularly for updates.

For ES, MS and HS parents
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Stories from Online Learning

Join ISB's Director of Learning, Stacy Stephens, to hear stories from Online Learning. This series of videos feature examples of the learning that has been taking place since campus has been temporarily closed due to Covid-19. You'll hear from students about how they are faring and what they are learning about themselves as an Online Learner, and you'll hear from teachers about what's changed in how they deliver their content and also what they've learned during this shift. Check back soon for more episodes! 


Resources for Parents

First page of the PDF file: StrategiesForConqueringStudentStress
First page of the PDF file: HelpingTeensDealwithStressManagement
First page of the PDF file: ManagingYourTimeEffectivelyDuringOnlineLearning
First page of the PDF file: Tipsresourcestohelpyoulearnremotely
First page of the PDF file: HowToTakeYourStudyAndTest-takingSkillsToTheNextLevel
First page of the PDF file: ScreenTimefromHeadtoToe

ISB Online Learning News

ISB summer learning is a hit

Feedback shows almost 100 percent satisfaction with ISB’s first Online Summer Program and Summer Music Institute.

PD during Covid-19 thumb

ISB’s world-class teachers are made even better through regular training. Continued commitment to this during campus closure has been key to delivering great eLearning.

Virtual Spirit Week thumb

As Covid-19 threatens the world’s big moments together, ISB faculty and students are working hard with campus closed to bring school events and meet-ups online. From experts in the counseling team, here’s why a virtual Spirit Week was an important way to maintain community well-being.

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ISB has done more than keep basic teaching going through Covid-19. From virtual choirs to interactive analyses of class discussions, students and teachers have achieved things online that would never have happened if they’d not been forced off campus.

Blogs from our Office of Learning

The following blog posts, written by our Office of Learning, provide useful tips and resources on a number of subjects:

eLearning Resources

eLearning Exemplars


Screen Time Monitoring and Managing

Brain Breaks



Frequently Asked Questions

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    ISB Parents can find even more resources on our internal eLearning pages hosted in Dragons' Gate.