eLearning at ISB

The ISB campus may be closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, but as a community we continue to challenge ourselves and set high expectations together through our eLearning program. Members of our community have been maintaining strong relationships through online learning since early February and this page shares some of the resources being used, questions being asked, and stories of success from this unprecedented time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tips from our Office of Learning

The following blog posts, written by our Office of Learning, provide useful tips and resources on a number of subjects:


Screen Time Monitoring and Managing

Brain Breaks


Daily Schedules for Learners

eLearning Resources for Parents

First page of the PDF file: StrategiesForConqueringStudentStress
First page of the PDF file: HelpingTeensDealwithStressManagement
First page of the PDF file: ManagingYourTimeEffectivelyDuringOnlineLearning
First page of the PDF file: Tipsresourcestohelpyoulearnremotely
First page of the PDF file: HowToTakeYourStudyAndTest-takingSkillsToTheNextLevel
First page of the PDF file: ScreenTimefromHeadtoToe

eLearning News

eLearning challenges thumb

Coronavirus has led to a temporary closure of ISB's campus and period of eLearning. How is the community coping with this unprecedented situation? After the first week of remote classes, here’s what one ISB faculty member and mum has learned and her tips for others.

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Online learning is keeping students’ minds active as coronavirus has led to temporary closure of ISB’s campus, but there are physical risks to sitting at a computer too long. Here are ISB experts’ tips for eLearners staying fit in body and mind.

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Media Mentor Month suggests 31 activities parents can use to engage with their children on what they’re doing online. It’s more important than ever in this period of eLearning.