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Philosophy Statement

At ISB, we strive to instill an appreciation of mathematics in our students by providing a rigorous program that is differentiated to challenge each student at a developmentally appropriate level. By working both individually and collaboratively in a nurturing and motivating environment, students are challenged to explore, question and construct conceptual understandings so that they can communicate and apply their mathematical skills. Students are encouraged to be creative, take risks, and persevere as they recognize mistakes as learning opportunities.

The Mathematics program values:
  • the use of various models to represent conceptual thinking
  • flexibility in solving problems in multiple ways
  • relevant, engaging, authentic, challenging and meaningful problems
  • communication of reasoning - showing the how and why as opposed to just an answer
We believe that students learn Mathematics best when they:
  • have clear goals and expectations
  • productively struggle with problems and persevere in solving them
  • experience success
  • are given timely feedback and opportunities to reflect and learn from their mistakes
  • have the opportunity to reason, discuss and communicate their thinking and understand the thinking of others
  • connect learning to prior knowledge
  • experience various instructional approaches (for example, the use of manipulatives or technology)
  • have opportunities to practice their skills


When developing our Math curriculum, standards are based on The Common Core Standards.

Grade Level Map

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