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English Language Arts

Philosophy Statement

The English Language Arts department recognizes that meaning and thought is constructed in language. The literate person comes to appreciate his/her place in the world by successfully understanding and communicating with others. Through the deconstruction and production of language in literary and non-literary texts, students not only gain self-knowledge but also participate in community. Students will seek understanding of perspectives and contexts through various forms of communication.

As a EY-12 English Language Arts program, we value:
  • critical and creative thinking
  • the rigorous and comprehensive study of literary and non-literary texts within historical, social, and cultural contexts
  • effective communication in speaking and writing
  • the ways the study of language and literature fosters self-knowledge and global understanding
  • effective collaboration
  • writing across a variety of text types
  • reading a variety of genres
  • creating lifelong readers
We believe that students learn English Language Arts best when they:
  • interact with themes that form the core of the human experience
  • use writing and reading for inquiry, thinking, and processing ideas
  • demonstrate skill in speaking, written communication, and reflective listening
  • develop proficiency in collaborative work
  • read and discuss rich literary and non-literary texts
  • engage in instruction and assessment that is based on standards
  • are critical consumers and producers of media
  • comprehend and communicate across multiple text types to address task, purpose, perspective, and intended audience
  • hone their research skills to gather and present information


When developing our English Language Arts curriculum, the standards are based on The Common Core Standards.

Grade Level Map

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