EdTech & Design

Philosophy Statement

We work with our community to empower learners through the collaborative design of transformative, authentic educational experiences that leverage contemporary tools, practices and spaces.

We value:
  • innovative application of transferrable knowledge and skills: the act of creating
  • digital citizenship (and literacy): conscious decisions around the impact of tech decisions
  • design thinking
  • purposeful connections with our community
We believe students learn best when:
  • they are given authentic, meaningful tasks that make an impact
  • they have agency in determining what they learn, how they learn it, and/or how they share what they have learned
  • they can develop and apply a wide range of technical skills
  • they can reflect on and share the process and product of their learning
image representing the ISB Design Process

ISB Design Standards (for MS/HS)

Download a copy

At ISB, Educational Technology and Design are integrated into the curriculum from PreK-10, primarily through NGSS Engineering Standards. Middle school and high school use the standards in their reporting and elementary school refers to the standards as guides for following the design process.

While developing their creative problem solving skills and applying their knowledge from their classes, students also develop technical skills such as:

Digital Design Product Design Computational Thinking
including Authentic Publishing, Graphic Design, Film Making, Digital Storytelling, Animation 3D Printing, Vector Drawing for laser cutting, Plastic Recycling, Woodworking Robotics, Programming

Students also enhance their EdTech and Design knowledge and skills through:

  • After School Activities in Elementary School (ex. Destination Imagination
  • Enrichments and After School Activities in Middle School (ex. Robotics, Dragon Design, Laser Cut Automata, Genius Hour, MS Makers Club)
  • Electives and Clubs in High School (ex. Makers Club, Game Making Club, Robotics Club, Dragonix)

For more information about our current projects, check our Ed Tech Blog or our ISB Design Blog

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image representing the Design Learning is a Process blog at ISB