New Facilities 2019 and 2020

ISB is excited for the opening of our new facilities. Scheduled to open in 2019 and 2020, the new facilities will ensure the school achieves its mission, vision and strategic priorities.

ES Arts Center and Theater
(New-Build Project)

A flexible, creative performance/practice space unlike any other on campus, expressly designed to meet the needs of ES performers and audience members.

Facility Description

Includes purpose-built theater, performing arts classrooms, elementary art classrooms, and demonstration areas.

New building located east of the current ES cafeteria and connected to the ES sunny hallway.

Project provides ample space inside the ISB main building to allow for the Early Years Learning Center remodel and expansion project.


Supports the development of ISB’s ES fine arts foundational programs, which in turn fuels the growth of world class secondary fine arts programs.

Increases the opportunity to focus on whole child development and offers a greater range of options for students to meet individual success (increased co-curricular options for students).

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MS/HS Performing Arts Center
(New-Build Project)

Purpose-built to create a space for the growth of our dynamic performing arts programs.

Facility Description

Provides specially designed performing arts classrooms and practice rooms (band, orchestra, choir, drama, and dance) with consideration for acoustic, lighting, and flooring requirements.

Allows the current performing arts space in ISB’s main building to be remodeled into a MS/HS Design Center


Provides ample space for growth in these performing arts programs and resolves current issues with acoustics and capacity.

Extends and supports the learning of our performing arts students both inside and outside of our school day programs.

Better supports student creativity in composing, performing, and recording.

Reflects the great value that ISB places on our arts programs and will help to inspire our students for a lifetime.

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Early Years Learning Center
(Remodel Project)

A large, purpose-designed space to better serve ISB’s youngest learners.

Facility Description

Thirteen classrooms (PreK 3, PreK 4, and Kindergarten), lofts, and large common spaces.

Early years art classroom, music classroom, and student kitchen.

Child-sized facilities and indoor play spaces connected to the outdoor play spaces.

Remodel of the first floor of the current Elementary School, with a small expansion out into Outdoor Learning Environment (OLE) and into the current PreK courtyard playground.


Supports ISB’s Early Years program philosophy of differentiation, play-based, and inquiry-based approaches to learning, by offering flexible learning spaces.

Supports collaboration and the development of skills and community within and across grade levels, by utilizing communal areas.

Enhanced safety as this center is a protected learning space for our young learners.

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MS/HS Design Center
(Remodel Project)

Centralized design facility for showcasing design and engineering programs.

Facility Description

Re-purposing and redesign of the current MS/HS performing arts classrooms on the first floor of main ISB building.

Robotics and electronics lab, fabrication lab, finishing lab, three HS art classrooms, and three flexible collaborative design spaces.

HS art classrooms are integrated into this area to provide access to space, materials, and machinery to better support their programs and to further integrate the arts into ISB’s design and engineering programs.


Meets the demand for campus spaces which facilitate large-scale design and robotics courses.

Showcases ISB’s design, engineering, and entrepreneurship programs which challenge students to create, prototype, and iterate ideas, through a centralized design facility.

Facilitates applied learning in Science, Math, Technology, Art, and Design.

Provides inspired spaces to facilitate trans-disciplinary and project-based learning.

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