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Complementing the sports, performing arts and clubs within the ISB Co-Curricular Program, a wide variety of After-School-Activities (ASA's) are offered to students in Grades K-8. A typical ASA will meet for one hour once a week. During the school year, there are three ASA Sessions, each around nine weeks in length. Registration for ASAs is done online via ISB's CHQ platform. 

Our After Schools Activities fall into one of the below categories:

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Performing Arts

Movement & Games

Life Skills & Service


Middle School / High School Clubs

There are a wide range of clubs for middle and high school students to get involved in - from photography, design and magazine clubs to World Scholars and the Model United Nations. Clubs usually run for a whole semester or, more commonly, for the entire academic year. Students register for clubs at the start of the school year. 

A selection of clubs are shown below:


ASA Chess Club
ASA Softball
ASA Softball