Student's Website Promotes ISB Groups, Services
Posted 01/18/2017 03:20PM

Student’s Website Promotes ISB Groups, Services

An International School of Beijing (ISB) senior has created a website that gives parents and students information about curricular activities, charities, and even cafeteria lunch menus.

Sung L, a founding member of high school service club Donate Your Passion, designed Connect in his spare time using web development platform Wix “and a little bit of customized HTML.”

Featuring a clean yet colorful layout, the website is easy to navigate and streamlines information more commonly accessed on ISB’s website and parent portal Dragons’ Gate.

“As an economics student, I think about supply and demand. I realized there was an interest among high school students for integrated information. Through my website, I want to promote student groups and help parents connect with their children’s interests,” he said.

The website has six categories – Charity Organizations, News Reporters, ISB Tutoring Center, ISB Student Groups, ISB STUCO, and Food Services – each of which contains contact information and representatives’ bios.

Launched in the first semester of 2016-17, the website has already generated positive feedback from its users.

“I feel compensated by people using the website,” said Sung, whose first foray in coding came as a sophomore when he created MacsApp, an online platform with educational and utility applications designed specifically for students.

“Computer science is a passion of mine. I’m really interested in startups and entrepreneurship,” he explained.

Creativity and collaboration were key elements in the website’s design, with Sung enlisting the skills of classmate Nicole B from the Draxonic Design Studio to create a logo.

Despite being in his final year at ISB, Sung insisted his website is “definitely not going to graduate with me.”

“I’m planning to train younger students so that they can take over it in future,” he said.

Student’s Website Promotes ISB Groups, Services


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