High School Futures Academy

The High School Futures Academy reflects the mission, vision, and core values of ISB by placing students as central players in the learning process. Student interests and talents drive the learning process to identify and address relevant problems and issues. Through the use of an integrated model, student learning will be enhanced through deeper connections between multiple disciplines.

The High School Futures Academy values

  • alignment and connection to the ISB curriculum, students, and community.
  • autonomy in order to nurture and develop student interests so that they take ownership of their own learning.
  • equitable relationships between students and facilitators in the creation of learning experience.
  • long term, deep, sustained learning experiences in the local context.
  • the expectation that learning translates into action.
  • thoughtful risk-taking.
  • learning and contributing with a social conscience.

We believe that students in the High School Futures Academy learn best when they:

  • progress through content and skills at their own pace.
  • are co-creators of the learning experience and they decide how they will demonstrate competency.
  • identify and solve significant and authentic problems.
  • are a part of a connected learning network.
  • engage in the design process and are given opportunities to demonstrate perseverance and resiliency.

Students in the High School Futures Academy will earn credits in English, Science, Social Studies and Design Technology. They will be allowed to sign up for four additional subjects outside of the Futures Academy program.

  • 10 An Hua Street, Shunyi District, Beijing 101318, PRC
  • 中国 北京市 顺义区安华街10号, 邮编:101318
  • +86(10)81492345
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