The Science program is designed to give each student opportunities to explore multiple scientific disciplines. Each course supports students in developing the skills and literacies to formulate scientific questions, test ideas, persevere in the search for answers, reason logically and draw evidence-based conclusions. In addition to ensuring a strong foundation of basic concepts and inquiry skills, science courses strive to relate classroom learning to real world applications and issues in technology, society and the environment. To this end, High School Science teachers continue ISB’s commitment to the following school-wide long term goals:

  1. The Nature of Science: Students will use scientific approaches and methodologies to investigate phenomenon, claims, results and information
  2. Systems and Interdependencies: Students will use scientific thinking to understand the relationships and complexities of the world around them
  3. Applications of Science: Students will identify real-world dilemmas and opportunities and apply scientific thinking to develop solutions for them.

Science course selection guidelines for students entering grade 9 next year:

Grade 9 students have the option of taking either:

  • the year-long Integrated Science 9 course;
  • or any two of the three Level I courses;
  • or a full year of Biology (I and II).

If students want to learn about all three sciences in Grade 9, they are encouraged to take Integrated Science 9, which includes exposure to biology, physics, and chemistry.

Students in grade 9 may not take three semester-long science courses.

* denotes semester courses
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