Believing that communication is an essential skill for the 21st century, the Chinese Department is dedicated to helping every student develop the knowledge and skills necessary to function as a global citizen. To this end, High School Chinese teachers continue ISB’s commitment to the following school-wide long term goals:

  1. Students can comprehend and evaluate different types of texts, displaying appropriate understanding of culture and context.
  2. Students will communicate across multiple modes for varied audiences and purposes, displaying appropriate understanding of culture and context.
  3. Students will make personal meaning and seek understanding of culture and contexts through various forms of communication

To serve the needs of our diverse student population, the Chinese department offers a two-track program, which consists of the Academic Track and the Neo-Native Track. Students are placed in the track appropriate to their language backgrounds, abilities, and needs. The most common pathways that students pursue in these tracks are represented in the diagrams below, but not necessarily representing every student’s program. If you are unsure of the Chinese language course progression appropriate for your child, please consult your child's counselor for guidance.


Academic Track Chinese at ISB

The Academic Track is for students with little or no previous personal or family exposure to or experience with Chinese. The central goal of this track is to enable students to meet the social needs in the Chinese-speaking world.

Academic Track for Chinese at ISB


Neo-Native Track Chinese at ISB

The Neo-Native track is for students who have strong knowledge and foundation of Chinese in four skill areas, and have access to familial support. The central goal of this track is for students to develop culturally embedded communicative competency and an appreciation of literary works in Chinese.


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